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Conscious Aerospace is a Tier 1 systems integrator company with a significant heritage having roots and connections in pioneering aviation for 100 years.

Owned by Unified International, we are building an outstanding and experienced team dedicated to changing aviation for the better of the planet and its inhabitants backed by strong financial investment parties.


In five years, we will have the first aircraft flying and engaged with new aircraft build concepts together with other aircraft manufacturers. We seek to realize that ambition by building a Dutch ecosystem outpacing the market with a credible green solution certified by 2028.

We are entering the next phase of pioneering aviation in the Netherlands.

To this end, we collaborate with industrial and institutional organizations that have evolved in the aviation journey of the Netherlands. Working with great talent who have been part of the more recent journey or want to develop themselves to make a difference.

Dream, Dare, Do, Dutch

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Unified International – End to end aviation experts


Conscious Aerospace is involved in COCOLIH2T from an end-user perspective, bringing holistic system integration knowledge into the project to ensure the COCOLIH2T concept matches realistic market requirements and interfaces well with other powertrain subsystems. Conscious Aerospace will bring their vision on overall feasibility from Tier 1 system integrator perspective and discuss scalability for a range of aircraft. As such, Conscious Aerospace is involved in defining the interface and fuel cell requirements of the tank, and contributes to the system integration and demonstration phase of the COCOLIH2T project.

Participating members in the project

Michiel Selier

Michiel Selier

Senior Associate

Michiel has 25+ years of experience in the civil/military aviation industry. After graduating with an MSc in aerospace engineering from Delft University of Technology, he worked 18 years for the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Center NLR as engineer, program management and business development. Since 2015 he is working as consultant in the industry, focusing on maturing innovations and the strategy to bring them into the market. Michiel joined Unified International in 2019, advising and supporting government (regional, national) and industry clients on innovations that make aviation safer and sustainable. Michiel is capable of rapidly understanding technical topics and placing them in a regulatory and commercial context.  Throughout his career he has worked on a large variety of topics: aircraft design and performance, flight control, noise, unmanned aviation, airspace integration and collision avoidance, pilot training, aerial fire-fighting aircraft, Urban Air Mobility, electric / hydrogen powered aircraft, flight testing and certification. He has cooperated with all types of aviation stakeholders from industry, government and operations, both civil and military, and from corporates to innovative start-up SMEs.


Marloes Eijkman

Marloes Eijkman

Medior Consultant

In 2017 she completed her BSc Aerospace Engineering at Technical University of Delft. She then went on to complete a MSc Aerodynamics also at Technical University of Delft. After graduating, she has gained experience in the defence domain at the Dutch Ministry of Defence, as well as the European defence domain by working at the European Defence Agency in Brussels. She has been closely involved in European defence related funding programmes, both from MoD and EU perspective. In 2022 she joined Unified International as a consultant in sustainable aviation and Urban Air Mobility.