Novotech Aerospace

Avetrana (TA), Italy


Novotech Aerospace Advanced Technology srl – NOVO

The Company was founded in 1992 as spin-off engineering consulting company from Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”. In order to keep high competitiveness on the market, NOVOTECH has developed well consolidated know-how on aircraft and aircraft components: design/certification of new aircraft (two/four seats amphibian “Seagull”) ; automated composite manufacturing processes (AFP, RTM, CCM, RIM, etc); advanced FEA; static/dynamic experimental tests.


Role in COCOLIH2

NOVOTECH joins the Collins-led Consortium (COCOLIH2) to develop new thermoplastics technology for the liquid hydrogen tanks necessary to power hydrogen propulsion architectures in future more sustainable aircraft. NOVOTECH will conduct an analysis of the aircraft certification framework (CS25 with elements of CS23 and their related means of compliance) to define proper tank requirements such as (but not limited to) crashworthiness and ignition prevention as well as proper load case definition (maneuvering, slosh and vibration loads, crash induced loads).  Production of lamina, coupons, elements/details will be carried out by NOVOTECH with aim to identify and setup the best chain of  materials, manufacturing processes and related process parameters to be used to produce the final demonstrators. NOVOTECH will manufacture the final full-size tank according to the design specifications that will be agreed with other partners. The aim is to produce a tank demonstrator with a full automated, fast and affordable production process made possible by the combination of a coextrusion process and AFP ISC. With regard the ISC AFP, the key point will be to ensure a good consolidation between the different layers of tapes without degradation of the thermoplastic materials.


Participating members in the project

Leonardo Lecce

Leonardo Lecce

Founder and CEO

Leonardo Lecce is the Founder and CEO of NOVOTECH. His commitment in teaching and training is well witnessed, from the 1973 up today. He has been a member of the EU Expert Commission for evaluation of research proposals many times, latest one for the evaluation of JU-Clean Sky 2. He has taken up appointment as a member of Scientific Committee at Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA) many times, too. He has been member of the Italian branch of Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) and has been member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Structural Health Monitoring. Prof. Lecce’s main research interests are in development of structure and systems integrating innovative smart materials, composite and relative automated process; damage detection and health monitoring structures; and morphing of aircraft wing and control surfaces. He was Scientific Responsible for the University of Naples “Federico II” for several EU and nationally funded research contracts. He was the European Scientific Coordinator of the MADAVIC, MESEMA and NHYTE projects. From 2013 to 2016 has been President of the AIDAA (Italian Aerospace Engineers Association).

Raffaele Acierno

Raffaele Acierno

R&D activity manager

Raffaele Acierno is the R&D activity manager of NOVOTECH.

His main activities and responsibilities concern the design, realization, management in the sector of composite R&D and manufacturing, staff co-ordination and management for the production plant in Avetrana.

He took part in several H2020 Projects as NHYTE, TRINITI for NOVOTECH thanks his skills in preparation, negotiation and management of research project, including application for national and international funding and grant management.


Maria Napoli

Maria Napoli

Airworthiness and Certification Engineer

Maria Napoli is the Airworthiness and Certification Engineer of NOVOTECH.

In her previous experiences she worked for two years as a Quality assurance engineer in the context of Part 145, Part M, Air Operations regulations, for another two years as Airworthiness and Certification engineer in a DOA in the context of Part 21 regulations (both sub. G and J), CS-23 and CS-25, and for one year she worked as a System & integration engineer.

Carolina Sommese

Carolina Sommese

R&D Funding Manager

Carolina Sommese is the R&D Funding Manager of NOVOTECH.

Her main activities and responsibilities concern the financial activities, reporting expenditure and audit management for all the national and international Novotech R&D Projects. Throughout her career she has worked in collaboration with the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. She took part in several H2020 Projects as NHYTE, TRINITI for NOVOTECH thanks her skills in administration, accounting and financial management of the Research Projects.