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Microtecnica – MICRO

For almost a century, Microtecnica, part of Collins Aerospace, has operated in Italy, serving civil and military customers in-country and worldwide. Microtecnica’s broad range of capabilities includes design, development, manufacturing and aftermarket support for primary and secondary flight-control systems, engine valves, air-management systems, hydraulic components for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft.

Microtecnica has a long history of collaboration with the Distretto Aerospaziale Piemonte and with experts from the Polytechnic University of Turin for the technological development of products, particularly in the field of actuation.

Supporting and enriching the local communities, Microtecnica focuses on inspiring youth, providing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational opportunities, investing in the local workforce, expanding employee skills and supporting the communities across Italy where its employees live and work.

Microtecnica helps move the aerospace and defense industry forward with a strong commitment to advancing technologies and maintaining close, collaborative customer relationships.

Website: https://www.collinsaerospace.com/


Microtecnica’s role in the project is to develop two types of cryogenic valves for Gas hydrogen and Liquid hydrogen application to be installed on the safe composite and vacuum insulated Liquid hydrogen tank. Microtecnica’s consolidated experience in cryogenic valves for space launchers and its strong aeronautical background will be the basis for the development of the new project.

Participating members in the project

Andrea Mornacchi

Andrea Mornacchi

Technology Engineering Manager

Andrea Mornacchi started working at Microtecnica SRL in 2016 as Performance Engineer supporting the design and the development of the new equipment; in 2019 he joined the System Engineer staff and in 2022 he becomes Technology Engineering Manager. In the new role he is responsible to identify, in conjunction with the Business Development, the technology roadmap in terms of both technologies and skills needed to remain competitive and enter in the emerging markets.

Erica Cevolin

Erica Cevolin

Project Leader

Erica Cevolin started working at Microtecnica SRL in 2007 and moved to Engineering in 2010, where she focused on the Verification and Validation phase of new products, working as a Qualification Engineer and coordinating the qualification campaigns of actuation programs. She supported Engineering in the Continuous Improvement activities leading the cell to Collins Silver certification at the end of 2021.